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Online School

Today’s students have grown up with technology.  They have found great value in surfing the internet, watching video channels, participating in online discussions while playing games. Thus, it makes sense to leverage their facility with technology to deliver a rich, relevant, and individualized learning opportunity that develops their analytical and critical thinking while grasping new ideas and knowledge from the world around them. 


McKinna Online Learning Center utilizes cutting-edge technology and researched-based methodologies to provide student-centered individualized educational experience for all types of learners.


As many of our students are athletes, actors or world travelers, our teachers work within the student’s time frame to create a schedule that works within the student’s busy life. 


Our students work with highly qualified teachers face-to-face in their online classrooms.  Small learning pods or individual one-to-one classes are rigorous yet engaging.  Utilizing the same principals used to develop our in-person school, we have developed a progressive project-based curriculum to enrich our students’ learning and facilitate their analytical thinking.

Day School Program


McKinna Learning Center's day school program is designed to meet the unique needs of students with learning differences.


Our mission is to empower students to realize their individual potential, foster their innate desire to learn and act with social responsibility.   


We provide students with an enriched academic curriculum and a supportive and creative team of teachers.  Within our school setting, we seek to develop analytical and critical thinkers who grasp new ideas and knowledge from the world around them. Recognizing that students learn in different ways, our graduates leave our day school program as creative problem-solvers prepared to thrive in our complex, 21st-century world.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention.... in our day school program, we don't believe in homework!

Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy is a specialized educational support process in which educational therapists collaborate with all the significant people concerned with the student’s learning, and focus not only on remediation but also on building self-awareness and underlying learning skills to help clients become more self-reliant and efficient learners. 


While the term learning disabilities is a generalization, our Educational Therapists work with students with many learning disabilities including, but not limited to: Dyslexia, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, Reading and Writing Difficulties, Math Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Language Processing Problems, Visual Processing Problems, as well as Poor Motivation, Low Academic Self-esteem, Poor Organizational and Study Skills and School and Test Anxiety.


Our educational therapists are professional educators who provide one-on-one individualized intensive intervention utilizing a wide range of teaching strategies to meet the needs of their individual students.


Additionally, the McKinna Learning Center Educational Therapists foster communication with other professionals, teachers and the student's family to develop a team approach to support the student's learning.  Our educational therapists collaboratively set goals and develop an intervention plan that addresses not only academic difficulties, but also psycho-educational and socio-emotional aspects of lifelong learning.


Psychoeducational Evaluations


Psychoeducational Evaluations include a complete battery of assessments, observations and interviews to uncover processes that are interfering with your child's academic progress.


Our specialist looks for a pattern of strengths and weaknesses that emerges across several tests. 


Test findings often reveal important information about a child’s natural learning style, detailed by specific strengths and weaknesses.


The benefits of having your child tested are enormous. Over time, children with learning challenges frequently come to believe that they are “dumb” or that they just CAN’T learn. This can impact self-esteem, coping behaviors, and their relationships with friends and family. Many of these issues can be resolved if an assessment is conducted and an appropriate course of action is identified.


Summer Academic Recovery Program

This past year, many students have lost as much as 6-months in their academic skill set. McKinna Learning Center's Summer programs provides students with and indivdualized approach to building the skills necessary to close the gap!  We begin with an evaluation of skills and then create a personalized program using state of the art research-based techniques to meet your child's needs.

All classes take place at The McKinna Learning Center  

28990 Pacific Coast Hwy., Suite 116

Malibu, CA 90265


*Virtual Classes are available upon request.

Learn more about McKinna Learning Center's latest COVID-19 practices and policies >>

Elementary Skills Program

Tuition $1950.00


Recover from time lost!  This program is designed to build and enhance reading, written language and mathematical skills of elementary students in a fun, creative and supportive environment. Consisting of 4-week long sessions, Monday-Thursday, each child is assessed on the first day to determine her/his skill level in all three academic areas- reading, mathematics and writing.

Choose your 4 weeks

Classes begin June 21 and run through August 5

Morning classes, 9AM-12PM, Mon.-Thur.

Get Ready for Middle School!

Tuition $1950.00

Help your child make a smooth transition to middle school next year. Our 4-week sessions, Monday-Thursday, prepare incoming 6th graders by developing study techniques and organization systems that will start them off on the right foot their first day of middle school. Additionally, we help them manage summer reading assignments, strengthen their math skills and develop their 5-paragraph expository writing skills. 


Choose your 4 weeks

Classes begin June 21 and run through August 5

Morning classes, 9AM-12PM, Mon.-Thur.

7th and 8th Grade Middle School Skill Builder

Tuition $1950.00


Middle school curriculum is challenging and moves fast. Our 4-week long sessions, Monday-Thursday, are designed to help current middle schoolers build the skills needed to manage the pace and demand.  We focus on developing study techniques and organization systems, as well as help them manage their summer reading assignments, strengthen their math skills and develop their 5-paragraph expository writing skills.  

Choose your 4 weeks

Classes begin June 21 and run through August 5

Morning classes, 9AM-12PM, Mon.-Thur.

High School Writing Intensive

Tuition $975.00

Writing is one of the most important skills students need to be successful in both high school and college.  This intensive focuses on developing the skills and structure of the AP style essay.  


16 classes

Classes begin June 21 and run through July 15

Algebra Readiness

Tuition $975.00

Designed for middle and high school students, this intensive class is designed to review and build the foundational skills necessary for success in Algebra 1.  


16 classes

June 21 through July 15